The ‘Levell Partnership works with clients to shape and deliver critical change. 

We do this either as consulting projects or by providing interim CTO, CIO, COO, Commercial or Transformation Directors.




Data & Technology


Business Transformation


Design & Innovation


Commercial Transformation


Thinking Differently



Business Transformation Strategy & Delivery

Strategy, transformation blueprint, business case, delivery roadmap, stakeholder engagement etc.  With decades of delivery experience, we can provide it all.

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Data & Analytics

We love data… ok… we love what you can do with data.  We also know how hard it is to make the reality live up to expectations… if data quality is poor.

  • Data and information strategy
  • Making data governance and data quality work, in the real world
  • Data asset identification and exploitation
  • Master data management
  • Systems integration and APIs
  • Data, regulation, compliance and controls

Inclusive Talent Management

People have always employed each us because of the way we think.  We know the value of employing a wide range of thinking styles to solve complex problems.

As well as being part of our own process, incorporating cognitive diversity in to the talent agenda for competitive advantage is also something on which we advise other forward thinking organisations.


Agile & Traditional Programmes

Whatever your persuasion… waterfall, agile, hybrid.  We shape and lead projects and programmes.  We can provide client-site advice, leadership or delivery teams.

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Strategic Architecture & Innovation

Working with organisations to use good design and innovation to deliver effective change.

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People, Performance & Change

In technology enabled change… the technology bit is rarely the most complex piece of the jigsaw.  We get involved in areas such as:

  • Understanding stakeholder needs
  • Assessing the impact of planned change
  • Communicating and engaging people
  • Designing processes people want to use
  • Designing implementation approaches to maximise user/customer buy-in
  • Measuring success and managing issues
  • Designing performance measurement and management approaches that motivate
  • Using data and information to change behaviour and culture

CIOs for SME & Mid-Market

We love working with High Growth, SME, Mid-Market organisations because the impact of our work can often be felt far quicker.

We understand that SME and Mid-Market organisations have the same challenges and opportunities as large coprporates – but often with fewer resources and we tailor our approach accordingly.

We have even developed a part-time CIO / IT Director to suit smaller organisations.


The Customer Perspective

Call us old-fashioned but… it helps if you know your customers… their wants and needs, how they feel and behave…

It’s even better if your systems sense their situation, your data helps predict their actions and lets you anticipate every little detail of how to serve them best.

We use a variety of techniques to understand customer needs, to redraw customer journeys and experiences, to influence product and reinvent service design.


We are a network of highly experienced consultants and specialists



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